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Phase Noise Analyzer

AnaPico • Phase Noise Analyzer

Feature Overview
  • Signal Source Analyzer up to 40 GHz
  • Evaluation of Signal Sources from VHF to Microwave Freqencies
  • Evaluating of Active and Passive non self Oscillating Devices:
    Amplifers, Frequency Dividers
  • Automated Testing with Remote SCPI Interface
  • Built-In Programmable Power Supplies
  • Built-In Low Noise Tuning Voltages
  • Extremely Flexible and Easy Use
Designed for Typical Applications
  • Frequency Synthesizer Evaluation
  • Analysis of Pulsed Signals
  • High-Speed Production Testing of Phase Noise
  • Transient Analysis of PLL Settling Zimes
  • VCO Testing
Committed to Quality
  •  ISO9001:2015 Certification